Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio - Choice Program

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Please enter your account information below. Please print or save a copy of 1) this Customer Information Page once you have input your information and 2) the terms and conditions. This information is sent over the internet via a secure (encrypted) channel.

PLEASE NOTE: A rate change request cannot be processed via web enrollment at this time. If you have already selected Integrys Energy Services to be your natural gas supplier and have questions about your current rate with Integrys Energy, please call our customer service representatives at (855) 628-5493. Our customer service center is open 24/7 for your convenience and will assist you in making changes to your account.

Saturday, April 19, 2014 4:23 AM
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Monthly Variable Rate with a $.625/ccf Cap - $0.5934 per CCF (April 2014 Billing)
Under this pricing structure, the price for your gas commodity is set each month, and shall appear on your monthly bill in dollars per CCF.
  • Rates fluctuate with the NYMEX market
  • Rates will fluctuate, but they will not exceed the cap of $.625 per ccf
  • The End of Initial Term for the Monthly Variable with Cap Rate runs through one (1) year from the effective date of the Buyer’s switch to Seller’s service.
  • The stated price for the Monthly Variable with Cap Rate is for usage during stated month; your first bill from Integrys may not reflect this published price.
  • Integrys Energy Services reserves the right to charge a $100 early cancellation fee if the variable portion of the pricing is not converted to a fixed price.
Program Information
EcoVations Renewable Gas
Yes, I’d like Ecovations renewable gas! I understand that by choosing Ecovations renewable gas, Integrys Energy will (i) secure carbon offsets and gas from renewable sources with carbon offsets, and (ii) have a tree planted through the Arbor Day Foundation at no additional cost to my supply.

Upon processing your enrollment, the Utility will send you a confirmation letter, which is notice of the transfer of service. You are granted a ten (10) day period from the postmark date during which time you may cancel your enrollment, without penalty, by calling the Utility at the toll-free number provided in the confirmation letter or by providing written notice to the Utility, which notice is effective as of the postmark date.

I agree to the terms and conditions contained in the electronic agreement (ver. v.02-VTE-92013) PDF: 3 pages for the purchase of natural gas supply from my marketer, Integrys Energy Services. I understand and agree to these terms and conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference, and agree to participate in the program as a transportation delivery service customer. My marketer is entitled to obtain my historic and current gas usage data from Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio.