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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 3:11 PM
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6-Month Residential Fixed Price - 6.490¢ per kWh(6 Billing Cycle Term)
Fixed Price
  • Service will commence on the first available meter read after successful enrollment and shall remain in effect through 6 billing cycles ("Initial Term"), unless terminated pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
  • Successful enrollment by the Utility is dependent upon (i) the eligibility of Buyer's accounts, as determined by the Utility and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, to take from a retail electric supplier, (ii) Seller's determination, in its sole discretion, of price availability, and (iii) the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted on this website.
  • Buyer will be invoiced for Seller's charges and the Utility's delivery charges by the Utility on the invoice(s) Buyer receives from the Utility, and such billing and payment shall be subject to the applicable Utility rules regarding billing and payment procedures.
  • The early termination fee $25.00
  • Buyer will have 7 days from the postmark date of the Utility letter confirming transfer of service to cancel enrollment, without penalty, by calling the Utility on the toll-free number provided in the letter or by providing written notice to the Utility.
  • See the Terms and Conditions for all other terms and conditions.

Upon processing your enrollment, the Utility will send you a confirmation letter, which is notice of the transfer of service. You are granted a seven (7) day period from the postmark date during which time you may cancel your enrollment, without penalty, by calling the Utility at the toll-free number provided in the confirmation letter or by providing written notice to the Utility, which notice is effective as of the postmark date.

I agree to the terms and conditions contained in the electronic agreement (ver. OH 12-2013) PDF of Integrys Energy Services. I understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference. My certified retail electric supplier is entitled to obtain my historic and current electric usage data from Duke Energy.

Please check this box to receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions by first class mail to the Mailing Address identified above.